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Innovation is Our Expertise

Farragut is an expert in utilizing innovation in collaborating on data projects, products and resources in order to continuously improve the customer experience and achieve cost savings and consistency.

How We Think About Innovation

Innovation is the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an organization’s potential. Successful innovation aims to determine from the beginning the direction of a new practice or technology. Innovation must have leadership from the beginning to be successful. Farragut is an expert at providing the leadership.

The Innovation Process

The diagram below illustrates a typical innovation process that many companies adopt to control which ideas develop and mature.

Innovation Flow Chart

Farragut’s role is to stimulate, facilitate, support, and refine concepts and approaches anchored in the pursuit of four objectives.

  • Customer Service – to help customers continuously add value by advancing concepts and ideas to deliver useful services and products
  • Increased Consistency –to assist in gaining more consistency in data reporting systems.
  • Improved Data Accuracy – to help ensure data quality through highly efficient and effective web-based systems that leverage the primary operating systems.
  • Cost reduction – to help reduce the amount of time and effort that it takes to meet data reporting statutory requirements, thereby helping to reduce internal costs.

Based on the discussion that comes out of the meetings between Farragut and the customer, the customer may choose to investigate certain ideas further.  Farragut can partner by researching and refining the ideas to share for future discussion.  Farragut is in a unique position to leverage in-house knowledge to research concepts, market trends, technical possibilities, etc. and can host summits/conferences to enrich the discourse.


Innovation is the effort to create purposeful, focused change in an organization’s potential and requires a commitment to a systematic process.   Farragut has the expertise to clarify the source of ideas and stimulate discussion to form processes by which those innovation ideas are shared and refined.