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Breakthrough Collaboration: Spectrum Partners, LLC

Farragut was there at the founding of Spectrum Partners and helped them turn their vision into reality.

Spectrum Partners, LLC is a consortium of Workers’ Compensation Rating Organizations founded to develop and maintain Spectrum software. Spectrum software is used internally by each organization to collect, validate, and process workers’ compensation data. It is the foundation for most of the consortium’s products and services and is fundamental to serving their customers effectively.

What Spectrum Is

  • Spectrum is an operating system owned by Spectrum Partners, LLC. The Partnership benefits from shared costs and the expertise of the other partners.
  • The Spectrum system is specifically designed to process large volumes of data quickly and efficiently so that you can provide the latest insurance data in half the time.
  • Spectrum is a state of the art operating system that allows participating bureaus to increase the efficiency and accuracy of all aspects of unit statistical reports, unit statistical tracking, experience rating, and policy functions.

What Spectrum Isn’t

  • Spectrum isn't generic, off-the-shelf software. It is a powerful operating system designed from its very beginning, by Spectrum Partners, LLC, a group of independent workers' compensation rating bureaus.
  • Spectrum isn't a typical solution. Spectrum Partners, LLC gets unparalleled support and training from Farragut's talented development staff from implementation and beyond.
  • Spectrum isn't stagnant. Because of its collaborative nature, Spectrum is a living system that grows and adapts to your insurance data processing needs over time.

Introducing Spectrum

Spectrum helps independent rating bureaus achieve greater efficiency, higher data quality, faster turnaround times and a smooth-running, paper-free operation.

What Can Spectrum Do?

Because Spectrum is managed collaboratively by the participating independent bureaus, it has evolved with their needs. Spectrum partners define the system; Farragut turns that strategic vision into reality.

Here is just a sample of the new-found efficiencies current Spectrum Partners experience:

increase in the number of electronic transactions processed
reduction in manually entered transactions
improvement in staff productivity and operational efficiency
100% elimination of manually reviewed ratings in most jurisdictions

Now that you know what Farragut did for Spectrum Partners, what can Farragut do for you?

No matter how complex your insurance data needs, Farragut can help you achieve greater efficiency, productivity and peace of mind. Contact Farragut today to learn more about how our experienced team can help you achieve your ideal system.