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Technology Partnership: Long Group Consultants

Farragut is excited to have partnered with Long Group Consultants (LGC).  LGC is a trusted provider of outsourcing services to Workers’ Compensation carriers.  Farragut will serve as the technology provider for an innovative work comp data reporting product called wcSYNC, aimed at addressing the complexities and costs of worker’s compensation statistical reporting.


Farragut celebrated our 30-year company anniversary in July 2022.  Over the last 27 years, Farragut has been in the Workers’ Compensation technology and data reporting space as a trusted leader, working closely with several of the Independent Rating Bureaus supporting and enhancing their internal Work Comp Data Collection operating system.




What Can wcSYNC Do For You?

  • Automate your NCCI and Independent Bureau Data Reporting
  • Unit Statistical Reporting, Policy Reporting, Indemnity and Medical Data Calls Reporting
  • Need Help With Data Reporting? – wcSYNC features the ability to reach out to the LGC experts on difficult tasks
  • System updates - frequent technology updates to keep the product current and compliant to the latest industry reporting changes

Farragut and LGC Helping Carriers Ease the Burden of Data Reporting

Farragut encourages you to visit LGC’s website to learn more about the benefits of wcSYNC.  Schedule a demonstration to explore what this product can do for your data reporting needs.